In a surprise presentation, Casper's Police Chief was recognized Tuesday for his support of Army Reserve and National Guard soldiers.

Chief Chris Walsh was nominated for special recognition by one of his own detectives; LT. Col. Tina Tweedy a Casper P.D. detective for 10 years. She presented the Patriot Award commenting on how Walsh, a veteran himself, reached out to her as an enlisted employee during her monthly and sometimes longer deployments.

"It can be a struggle. Its a juggling act and I know he appreciates that. He's been there, done that. His father was in the reserves retired as, I believe, a Lt. Colonel after 20 years, so I know he understands it."

Tweedy noted Walsh was the first employer who maintained contact in such a consistent way. Walsh was surprised by the brief ceremony at this weeks city council meeting and added that that morning he'd just sent his own son off to boot camp.