With the new year come increases to city utility charges.

Casper City Council gave thumbs up to a request Tuesday from the City's water, sewer, and waste divisions for a fee increase.  Ktwo Radio's, Karen Snyder has details...

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A just over two percent price hike, requested by the utilities is in line with the City of Casper's intention to provide modest price increases that lessen the impact on consumers.

The just over two percent applies to both residential water and sewer effective January 1.

Wholesale water rates will go up about 6 cents per thousand gallon.

During the discussion City Manager, Tom Forslund, pointed out Laramie as an example of a city that deferred maintenance for many years keeping prices low, but maintenance needs caught up with that city that is now paying the highest monthly average city utility costs in the state.

In addition, Casper residents can expect some cost increases for waste removal found in tipping fees that will go up by $ 1.18,  commercial fees by 2 percent,  and higher charges for purchased composted products.  The waste removal board, however, advised no increase to residential collection fees.

The utility increases  go for final approval at next council meeting.