City Manager Tom Forslund

Forslund Gets Surprise Mayoral Sendoff [AUDIO]
Fifteen former city of  Casper Mayor's  dropped by to say goodbye to city manager, Tom Forslund at Tuesday evening's city council meeting.
Rita Walsh stood in for her husband Tom Walsh and with the current Mayor present it was a crowded stage.
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New One Cent Projects Application Process Starts Soon
Requests for a piece of the Six million dollar pie designated for Community Projects out of the new optional one cent tax will need applying for by the end of February.
Traditionally those dollars go out to entities like the Library and CAT-C -that's the city bus- but also to many local nonprofits.
Casper City Utilities Up In 2011
With the new year come increases to city utility charges.
Casper City Council gave thumbs up to a request Tuesday from the City's water, sewer, and waste divisions for a fee increase.  Ktwo Radio's, Karen Snyder has details...
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