Casper City Council Ward II  generally includes areas from Poplar Street westward.

There are six candidates interested in the two seats up for election. Both incumbents would like to continue, but only four will remain on the ballot following the primaries.

Here are interview excerpts from three of the candidates hoping to represent city council ward II.

Bill Brauer is an incumbent running for re-election.

"I'm interested in the proposed convention center.  I'd like to make sure that we get that where it belongs and that citizens have a say in where it goes."

He says he's also concerned about the fate of the Municipal Golf Course and that the right decision is made regarding its future.

Listen here for the full interview with Bill Brauer.


Greg Flesvig is an eight year resident of Casper who's been observing some recent city government decisions..

"I see all the people at meetings that really touch them the most as far as property rights and most recently the smoking ban."

Flesvig says he'd bring a commonsense approach to council decision making.

You can hear his full interview here.


Shay Charter is a U-W graduate who recently returned to Casper.

"I've always had a way of working with people. Often times people aren't able to necessarily communicate how they feel about things until its already happened. So I have an ability to talk to people."

She says she wants to see Casper maintain the essence of what it was when she was a child, but also be ready for the future.

Shay Charter's extended interview is here.

Watch  interviews with the three additional Ward II candidates, Craig Hedquist, Janel Moore, and Charlie Powell later this week.