Two write-in legislative candidates with sufficient votes may be headed to a spot on the November ballot in Natrona County. The state canvassing board meets later this week to confirm those write-ins.

And Keith Goodenough's independent bid for a seat on the Natrona County Commission has been confirmed.

"He had to have 466 signatures in order to be qualified to be on the general election ballot as an independent candidate."

Natrona County Clerk, Renee Vitto, says Goodenough had 490 eligible signatures on his petition.

The two unofficial, but likely successful write-in candidates, Ann Robinson and Eric Nelson, will be making democratic challenges for seats in the Wyoming legislature. Robinson received over the requisite 25 votes for a bid either for House District 58 or Senate District 30. She'll need to choose which race to enter.

Eric Nelson is an unofficial, but likely successful candidate for House District 36.