The Natrona County commissioner's race will have two additional parties with candidates on the ballot in November - The Independent and the Wyoming Constitution Parties.

Current city councilman and 20 year political veteran, Keith Goodenough, will run as an Independent. As such, he says he'd approach all commission business with the questions; Is it constitutional and is it good for the county?

"I'm very big on public access, of course. I'd like to see the commissioners meet in the council chambers so it could be televised and I would advocate for that."

In addition to 14 years in the Wyoming legislature as a Democrat, he acted as a lobbyist for domestic violence issues in Cheyenne and maintains such experience provides him with a skill set valuable when advocating for legislative support to local government.

The Wyoming Constitution Party is represented by candidates Troy Bray and Linda Bergeron.

Bray currently works as a sawyer with Wyoming Truss. He and his family live in the county 20 miles west of Casper.

"Private property rights is what got me into the county political arena. What kept me there is the unwillingness of the current commissioners to work within the bounds of their authority."

Bray says he would act as an advocate for local contractors and for the rights of motorcyclists on the road.

Linda Bergeron is chair for the Natrona County Constitution Party and is also running for a seat on the commission. County residents may know her as an active county resident who often speaks out on various issues before the Board of Commissioners.

The Natrona County Board of Commissioners has two seats up for election in November.