A proposal for an outdoor community art project to be created during Nic Fest fell flat at Casper city council's work session this week.

Nicolaysen Executive Director, Connie Gibbons, presented an idea that involves collaboration between the public and Montana artist Robert Harrison. The project incorporates ceramic objects donated by the Casper community, along with  river stone and brick, into a large arched collage.

"We wanted to do this during Nic Fest,because we have so many people there. Ya know, we get a lot of kids involved. We just thought it would be a perfect time to have something like this going on."

Because the Nic sits on city owned property,  council needed to approve permanent placement of the project at a site along Durban street. Gibbons did not get that approval.

The majority of  council members felt the prototype presented was too garish and not a good match for the Casper Community.

Gibbons took the negative response in stride and suggests the piece will still happen, but will be created and remain indoors.

Gibbons says the museum continues  the call out to the public for old pottery and other ceramic objects to be incorporated into the piece.

Here's a link to other outdoor installations created by the artist Robert Harrison, http://robert.harrison.net/install2009.html#Kentucky