As the Youth Crisis Center approaches its deadlines for construction bidding on a new facility, fund raising continues. The board has raised about 2/3rds  of the $1.6 million needed to cover it's share of the total project costs of about $2.8 million.

YCC Board President Jim Meador says the dollars come from donors large and small, many who's lives have been directly touched by the facility.

YCC board members asked for a bridge loan from the city this week. "The request was just to amend the original agreement we had from last year and it's  to bridge the loan for a couple months, maybe a year, until our donations come all the way through."

Meador says some of that represents large donors holding back until the project gets off the ground.

Council gave informal approval of a just under $600,000 loan at its work session this week. Formal sign off would happen along with bid acceptance August 7th. Meador says ground could break within the month.