Pope Francis may not have visited Wyoming during his recent trip to the United States, but at least one state officeholder was deeply impressed with the pope.

Secretary of State Ed Murray says he thought Pope Francis had a very positive message during his visit. But Murray says some of the most meaningful messages weren't delivered by the spoken word so much as by example.

The Secretary of State says one example was the papal decision to have lunch in a soup kitchen after addressing congress, rather than dining with influential people in a more ornate setting. Secretary Murray says another example was the pope's decision to visit an orphanage after addressing the United Nations, rather than hobnobbing with important diplomats.

Murray says he thought the broader message of the papal visit was that the United States, as a wealthy nation that has been blessed materially, has a responsibility to help poor people.

Murray, who is Catholic, admits ''I may be a little biased" when it comes to the pope, but says he thinks Pope Francis' message was ''very well received" and did a good job of recognizing the line between church and state.