POWELL, Wyo. (AP) — Powell police say at least $440 in counterfeit $20 bills have been passed to businesses during the holiday season, and counterfeit money is still turning up. Police Chief Roy Eckerdt tells the Associated Press the bogus bills that officers have collected so far lack the security strip and exact coloring of legitimate bills. He said the bills apparently started showing up on Dec. 21 and Dec. 22.

CASPER, Wyo. (AP) — Wyoming is bracing for increased marijuana crimes because of Colorado's new constitutional amendment allowing anyone over 21 to use the drug. The Associated Press reported that police officers predict increased cannabis flow through Wyoming because of the Colorado pot law. The AP points out that no point in Wyoming is more than 180 miles from Colorado or Montana, which allows marijuana for people with certain medical conditions.

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) — Wyoming finished 2012 with snow levels lagging below normal. Lee Hackleman is water supply specialist with the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Hackleman says the state's average snowpack dropped to 84 percent of median levels by Dec. 31 — down from 87 percent the week before.

AURORA, Colo. (AP) — University of Colorado Health has reached a management agreement making Ivinson Memorial Hospital in Laramie, Wyo., an affiliate of UCHealth. The agreement was signed in October but took effect yesterday. It allows Ivinson and University of Colorado Health to share expertise and resources, but Ivinson will remain an independent hospital run by the seven-member board of the Albany County Hospital District.