Starting April 18, the Wyoming Lottery Corp. will hold a series of workshops as part of its retailer recruitment efforts to gain feedback on the draft application and contract.

Any interested Wyoming retailer wanting to sell WyoLotto™ tickets should attend one of these workshops, which continue through April 30 in key cities in Wyoming. The lottery will announce specific dates, times and locations early next week and post the information on Additionally, anyone interested can sign up to be notified about the dates on the website.

Jon Clontz, Wyoming Lottery's Chief Executive Officer said,

"Retailers are the backbone of the lottery, We need to make sure that the process not only is equitable, working for the majority of retailers, but also allows the lottery to be effective, efficient and operate within the provisions of state statute."

During the workshop, attendees will learn about the lottery, application and selection process, the retail contract, and the next steps lottery will take to push WyoLotto live later this year. In a facilitated discussion, the lottery also will seek input from retailers on the application and contract.

The lottery will take the input into consideration when solidifying the application and contract, and then request their adoption by the board of directors in a public meeting. The board's approval will open the application process and launch efforts to recruit retailers.

Clontz explained that this is the first step to answer retailers questions and to start the process as the lottery becomes operational and takes further steps to sell Powerball® and Mega Millions® tickets in Wyoming.

John joined Brian Scott for an update on the lottery,