Wyoming Educational leaders will join up with their National counterparts for the 149th National Education Association Assembly at the end of the month.

Wyoming Education Association President, Kathryn Valido, says just like in Wyoming, nationwide educators see accountability of schools and teachers as key.

That's a topic that will likely get a lot of time at next weeks National Education Association Assembly. She says accountability is a lot about making sure everybody is working towards the same goal, including students and their parents, "and everybody recognizing what they're responsibilities are toward that goal and then working toward them. And that can be pretty broad based."

In Wyoming, a lot of energy is going toward developing systems for teacher accountability. Valido says those evaluation systems need to make sense along with , " just making sure that teachers are held accountable, and offering them an opportunity through mentors to improve if they need to, and frankly, if they can't demonstrate that they can improve to the level they need to than we need  a system, that with some dignity, ushers them out of the profession."

As educators work toward improvement, she says, she hopes Wyoming elected officials listen to the voice of the people who work in the classrooms.

About 36 Wyoming delegates will be in Chicago next week for the assembly that runs through the holiday weekend.