CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) — A wind shift is holding up attempts to plug an oil well that is spewing methane gas after a blowout in east-central Wyoming.

Workers with Houston-based well control company Boots & Coots still were unable to safely get close enough to the well to get to work by Thursday evening. The blowout happened Tuesday afternoon.

Workers are waiting for the wind direction to change to begin trying to plug the well with mud. Converse County Emergency Management Coordinator Russ Dalgarn says that overnight, the wind began blowing gas over equipment staged to begin the plugging operation.

He says the risk of an explosion and fire continues, and so too a voluntary evacuation order for 67 residents within two and a half miles of the well.

About 50 people heeded the evacuation advisory but are being allowed to come and go to check on their property.