I have never bought anything from a telemarketer. Never. Nothing. I realize that they have found customers by calling them at home and convincing them to buy something, but not me.So several years ago, when the Federal Government offered the Do Not Call List, I was one of the first to sign up.

 I am also one of those guys that checks his caller ID when I walk in the door and then Google any numbers I don't recognize only to call those companies and request I be removed from their lists.(are you getting that I am not a fan of telemarketers?)
Something happened in the last couple of months and somehow my number came off of the list. This was never more evident than in the last week when i started recieveing phone calls from 303-476-9922, (identified as Boulder Call) and 920-884-1234(showing in caller id as TDS Metrocom), in some instances 5 times a day. These are both telemarketing firms pushing business for a national insurance agency. I found that out in engaging the callers in conversation and then promptly asked them to remove me from their call list. This so upset one of their employees that I was subjsct to another 5 calls from this center in the next 5 minutes. In calling back I asked for and talked to a supervisor and demanded to be taken off the list and it seems to have worked for that one. In the meantime same national company, same pitch is calling during the day 2 or 3 times. They called last night so I answered and they too got an ear full.
After checking today I find that my number is no longer on the Do Not Call List. That has been remedied with the promise that everything should be back to normal in 31 days. So an open note to any others that choose to call, you want to talk about the weather? We will undoubtedly have a pleasant conversation, Try to sell me something and the tenor of  the exchange will change.