Through With Chew Week starts Sunday and the Wyoming Department of Health would like to help people who want to quit.

Kim Deti, spokeswoman for the Health Department, says Wyoming has the unfortunate distinction of having the nation's highest percentage of smokeless tobacco users, at 9.1 percent.

Most of those who chew:

"With smoking we're about the middle of the pack, but unfortunately when it comes to the use of smokeless tobacco, we do have the leading rate among all states, and that's not something we are pleased about, certainly."

Ms. Deti emphasized that chewing tobacco still carries the same risks for cancer, heart disease and stroke as other tobacco products, so the notion that smokeless tobacco is somehow safer is bogus.

Deti said the Health Department does recognize that tobacco use is an addiction, so they offer help for those who want to quit.

Help to quit:

"We offer our Wyoming Quit Tobacco program and it offers significant financial help to help cover the cost of certain medications that can help you quit. And it also offers free supportive services such as counseling or online chat rooms. We do have a 800 number, it's 1-800-QUIT-NOW, people can call to join that program, and they can also log on to wy-dot-quitnet-dot-com."

Through With Chew Week runs through February 20th to the 26th. The Great American Spit Out, the day smokeless tobacco users are challenged to quit for the day, is Thursday the 24th.