Students and staff of the University of Wyoming would start to feel the impacts of any budget cuts by 2013. That's about the time that the University's presence in Casper will be expanding with a new 90,000 square foot, U-W Casper College Student Union Center.

Funding for that building is already secured and U-W President, Tom Buchanan, says if there is any impact felt in Casper by budget cuts it will be minimal.

"It might have an impact depending on the reductions that occur, if they occur, in terms of some of the services that we provide, but I think that the consequences up here would be relatively small."

Expanding academic programming in Casper will follow once the building is up and Buchanan says exactly what the new programming amounts to will be driven by student demand.

"What are the additional programs that we might put on and get good solid sustained enrollments in, that's really the driving issue behind the choices that get made. This is about making sure that we tailor our efforts to the Casper Community in a way that serves their interests the best we can."