The Casper Police Department says the return of its Traffic Enforcement Unit is starting to make a difference.

In June, the Department announced that it had the staff to bring the unit back from hiatus and it has slowly been growing.

In the past, there were officers checking for speeders, but often they would get called to a non-traffic related issue.

Captain Mike Trimble says the unit is still in training, and is looking for new procedures to use to catch traffic offenders

"We're hoping that over the next several months as we get a little more staffing added to the team and continue, we'll see similar results, but obviously the goal is not to just go out and write a bunch of citations, it's to change the behavior, so if one can be done without having to write so many citations, then we are accomplishing our goal."

Captain Trimble says during the month of September, the Traffic Enforcement Unit issued more than two-hundred speeding tickets.