Wyoming Game & Fish Department

Game & Fish Announces Web Page for Laramie Region
If you hunt or fish in southeast Wyoming, you might want to check out the Laramie Region page on the Wyoming Game and Fish Department's website.
The Game and Fish Department launched an updated website in early August and part of the redesign included the addition of regional web pages...
Game & Fish Launches New Website
The Wyoming Game and Fish Department has launched a more user friendly website.
Renny MacKay, Communications Director for the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, says the new site has improved search functions and is easier to navigate with a smartphone or tablet...
Rabbit Fever Confirmed Near Guernsey
Tularemia has been diagnosed in two cottontail rabbits a few miles northeast of Guernsey.
The Wyoming Game and Fish Department says a landowner along Whelen Canyon Road discovered about 20 dead rabbits. Two of the rabbits were sent to the Game and Fish's Wildlife Diseases Laboratory and both tes…
Don’t Get Hooked, Fishing With More Than 2 Lines is Illegal
If you think fishing with three or more rods increases your chances of landing that big one you're right, but it won't be a fish that bites, it'll be a fine.
An unidentified man who was pictured in Thursday's Wyoming Tribune Eagle with three poles in his kayak has Wyoming Game & Fish Department o…
Game & Fish Commission Discusses Service Cuts
GILLETTE, Wyo. (AP) — Wyoming Game and Fish Department officials say entire programs may be in jeopardy in 2015 because of a lack of funding.
Game and Fish Commissioner Aaron Clark says the state Game and Fish Commission and department officials want to hear public comment when considering thos…

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