Wyoming Game and Fish Casper Field office

Game And Fish Department Captures Bear In East Casper
A yearling black bear was captured east of Casper on Friday morning, a Wyoming Game and Fish spokeswoman said.
The department began receiving reports from residents of a bear visiting east Casper after dark on Saturday, and it confirmed the reports on Wednesday, said Janet Milek of the department&apo…
Black Bear Seen in Casper
Well, if you need something to wake you up early on a Wednesday, there's nothing like seeing a young black bear roaming around the neighborhood.
The local Wyoming Game and Fish office in Casper got the call around 6:30 in the morning that a smallish black bear had been seen roaming around the ea…
Hunt Season-Set Meetings Start Next Week
Hunting season dates and catch limit fluctuations mirror various yearly changes including the weather. This winter's heavy snows have meant high mortality for some big game in parts of the state.
Robin Kepple, for the Casper Game and Fish Field offices, says the annual season-setting meetings ar…