Bills To Encourage CNG Vehicles In Wyoming
CASPER, Wyo. (AP) — Two bills headed for introduction in the Legislature this winter would attempt to encourage more use of natural-gas powered vehicles in Wyoming.
One bill would transition up to half of the state's vehicle fleet to run on compressed natural gas by 2017
What Are the Top Gas-Guzzling Vehicles on the Road?
As the days of buying cheap gasoline pass into the American history books, more and more of us are driving fuel-efficient vehicles as a means to combat those steadily rising gas prices.
That is, unless you happen to have enough money to not give three screaming squirts about how much gas prices go up
Grand Teton National Park Sees Accidents Decline
GRAND TETON NATIONAL PARK, Wyo. (AP) — Grand Teton National Park reports a decline in collisions involving wildlife and vehicles last year compared to the year before.
Park officials say 103 animals were hit or killed in the park by vehicles in 2011, down from 162 animals in 2010...
8 States On Board With Natural Gas Vehicle Push
DENVER (AP) — Eight states have now signed up in an effort to encourage U.S. automakers to develop affordable vehicles that run on natural gas.
The governors of Colorado and Oklahoma announced in November that their states, along with Pennsylvania and Wyoming, intended to seek proposals to repl…