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Cause Revealed in Steve Jobs’ Death
SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) — A copy of Steve Jobs' death certificate indicates the Apple co-founder died of respiratory arrest that resulted from pancreatic cancer that had spread to other organs.
Jobs died last Wednesday at age 56. Apple Inc...
Adbay’s Apple Environment, Owner Tips Hat To Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs, long time Apple CEO, has died at the age of 56. He was an inspiration to many young creatives, creating hardware and the applications that make our world at home and in the office interesting.
Shaun Houck owns Adbay in Casper and considers Jobs  a  role model...
Steve Jobs Stepping Down as Apple CEO
Steve Jobs is stepping down as chief executive at Apple, the company said on Wednesday. Jobs will remain at the company as chairman, but he and his iconic black turtleneck will be replaced by former Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook.
Apple Announces iPad 2
Apple made more news today as they announced the all new iPad 2. The announcement opened with Steve Jobs, looking "good", relaying sales figures that Apple has seen over the past year. Then Jobs rolled into the big unveiling of iPad Part Deux. The iPad 2 ships March 11th!