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Cheyenne To Host AARP Spelling Bee
CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) — An old case of sibling rivalry could spell trouble at the AARP National Spelling Bee in Cheyenne on Saturday.
The bee is open to anyone age 50 and older, and it's very competitive. The winner typically has put in many hours of preparation by studying the dictionary...
Choosing Words Carefully For AARP Spelling Bee
Preparations are under way for the A-A-R-P National Spelling Bee in Cheyenne this summer.
The bee, for spellers age 50- and older, begins with a 100-word written test, which narrows the field to the top 15.
Brian Greene is a librarian who selects most of the words for the competition, and he uses seve…
Sign-Up For AARP Spelling Bee In Wyoming
CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) — AARP is calling all spellers 50 years of age and older to take part in its 17th annual National Spelling Bee in Cheyenne.
This year's AARP spelling bee is scheduled for Aug. 10-11 at the Little America Hotel and Resort...