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Countdown to End of Very Rare or Uncommon [AUDIO]
Supporters of a bill ending the ability of the Wyoming Environmental Quality Council to designate areas in the state as 'very rare or uncommon',  say enough of the state has already been set aside for protection. The bill looks likely to pass.
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Very Rare Becomes Rarer For Wyoming
Wyoming News Service
The Wyoming Legislature is working to make the state’s “very rare or uncommon” landscapes rarer, and in most cases, make them disappear. A bill that’s passed the House, and is expected to pass the Senate soon, would stri…
New Greenhouse Gas Regs Begin In New Year
While most in Wyoming don't like federal regulations of any kind  new EPA rules governing greenhouse gases will soon take effect in the face of the State's self-imposed restrictions on the regulating process...Ktwo Radio's,  Karen Snyder,  reports...
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