Pete Meyers

Busy Weekend Expected for Casper Snow Plows
With several major storms expected to bury much of central Wyoming with snow this weekend, city of Casper officials are expecting around-the-clock work from its plow fleet beginning Friday evening.
Pete Meyers, the city of Casper’s assistant public services director, says work could e…
City Offering Free Wood Chips as Cleanup Operation Continues
The city of Casper is beginning to wrap up its branch cleanup process following a massive storm in early October that damaged trees and downed several thousand branches throughout the city.
City officials say residents are now asking about what the city is going to do with the byproduct of the cleanu…
Casper Continues Branch Cleanup Operations
The city of Casper’s public services department began another week of branch cleanup Monday following the record snowstorm that hammered Casper two weeks ago.
The storm downed trees throughout the city, making many roads and pathways impassible...
2011 Survey, City Of Casper Calls For Citizen Feedback
Twelve hundred randomly selected Casper citizens will receive in the mail a survey from the city next month.
"99.9 percent of Casper citizens don't come to regular city council meetings. So we never get to hear their voice. So this way, by sending out the survey, we get a lot of feedbac…

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