Immigration Bills Concern Farmers
The immigration debate is focused on border security and people in the country illegally, but the nation's farmers are hoping for legislation that makes it easier for them to hire workers.
Senators closing in on border security compromise
White House-backed immigration legislation is gaining momentum in the Senate, where key lawmakers say they are closing in on a bipartisan compromise to spend tens of billions of dollars stiffening the bill's border security requirements without delaying legalization for millions living in the c…
Obama, Senate Focus On Immigration/AP NewsMinute
WASHINGTON (AP) — The first votes in the full Senate on immigration overhaul are set for this afternoon to determine whether or not debate will move forward on the issue. Meanwhile, President Barack Obama is inviting law enforcement, labor and business leaders to the White House to show they s…
GOP Roadmap Calls For Immigration Reform
WASHINGTON (AP) — The Republican National Committee is endorsing comprehensive immigration reform as part of a multi-step roadmap designed to improve the GOP's brand among minority voters who overwhelmingly backed Democrats last fall.
The committee releases a 100-page report Monday outlini…

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