food prices

Drought Effect On Food Prices Yet To Come
The latest consumer price index shows a tiny hike in overall food prices last month.
U.S. Department of Agriculture Food Price Economist, Ricky Volpe says the drought won't effect prices for another two to three months. Right now he says, "All food is up 2 percent...
Food Prices Just Keep Going Up
No break in rising food prices for 2012  according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. USDA Food Price Economist, Ricky Volpe,  says inflation rates are slowing, but most prices continue to increase.
"For the year 2012 we're looking at beef and veal prices to increase by 4.…
Energy Prices, Weather, Driving Food Prices Up
U.S. Agriculture officials suggest you brace yourself for a continued rise in food prices.
"We knew it was on its way. You couldn't avoid it with the way that commodity prices had been rising, the way that energy prices had been rising."
Upwardly Mobile Food Prices Likely
Agriculture officials warn that food prices will likely continue to rise this year.
As costs for food production go up so goes the price at the grocery story.  U.S Agriculture Department  Chief Economist, Joe Glauber...