Donna Cuin

The Long Road To Valentine Blooms
Valentines Day is coming. University Ag Extension Horticulturist Donna Cuin says most people probably don't realize the amount of energy that goes into creating the flowers we buy for February 14th- the timing, the fertilizers needed to encourage blossoms and multiple blooms...
Mulch Now For A Healthy Garden Next Spring
With cold weather heading in, gardeners might want to think about whether they have plants that need mulching.
"With our perennial beds, even with trees and shrubs it's a good idea to get a layer of mulch on the soil, so there's some insulation to keep our perennials and trees and …
Freezing Temps, Gardeners Beware
Freezing temperatures are expected for low lying areas of Natrona County tonight.
Temps may drop as low as 27 degrees along the North Platte river with higher areas holding in the mid 30s. Gardeners will want to take precautions with sensitive plants...
Gardeners Wanted, Must Love Teaching Too
Training for gardeners who want to grow their skills and help others in the community to do the same  begins February 2nd. Its Master Gardener Training  at the Agricultural  Resource Center in Casper.
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