Dark Knight Shooting

First Video Of ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Shooter [VIDEO]
James Eagen Holmes Shown In Science Camp Video When He Was 18, Discussing 'Temporal Illusions. A 6-year-old video shows Colorado shooting suspect James Holmes as a thin teenager wearing an over-sized shirt and occasionally breaking into a slight, shy smile...
No New Gun Control Regulations Expected
Gun control advocates sputter at their own impotence. The National Rifle Association is politically ascendant. And President Barack Obama pledges to safeguard the Second Amendment in his first official response to the deaths of at least 12 people in suburban Denver.
Shooting Suspect Purchased Guns in Last Two Months
A federal law enforcement official says the four weapons recovered in the deadly movie shootings were all purchased by the suspect from retail gun stores in Colorado in the last two months.
James Holmes bought one of the four guns -- the first of two Glock pistols -- on May 22 at Gander Mountain in A…
Victim Names Emerge Following Colorado Rampage
Families are being notified by police that their loved ones are among the victims in a deadly shooting rampage in suburban Denver.
Relatives of two of the dead confirmed late Friday that their loved ones were killed when a gunman barged into a crowded theater and began firing during the midnight show…
Colorado Authorities ‘Vexed’ by Booby Trapped Apartment
AURORA, Colo. (AP) — A police chief says a Colorado shooting suspect's apartment is posing a "vexing problem" as officers face challenges in safely entering the residence where booby traps were set.
Colorado firefighters are monitoring the Aurora apartment building for gases in an effort to…
College Security Exercises Scheduled For September
"Anytime there's a tragedy like this on the national scale every public safety manager, whether they're law enforcement or security, regardless of the jurisdiction, gathers information and analyzes what happened".
That comment comes from Director of Security at Casper Col…

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