Casper City Council

Mundell to Run for City Council, Goodenough to Not Run
A former Casper Area Chamber of Commerce director has announced that she will run for a Casper City Council seat this November.
During a Friday morning press conference, Robin Mundell formally announced that she will run for a Ward I seat that will be vacated by Keith Goodenough after his current ter…
Casper City Council Approves Sewer, Asphalt Projects
City councilors on Tuesday unanimously agreed to put nearly $300,000 toward an extensive sewer lining installation project for the city of Casper.
Denver-based TES, Inc. will be tasked with installing 9,500 feet of PVC liner within existing sections of clay pipe located near so-called "troub…
Casper City Council Approves New Wastewater Centrifuge Funds
An important upgrade will soon be installed at the city of Casper's wastewater treatment facility.
Casper City Council on Tuesday unanimously approved just under $160,000 for a second centrifuge at the facility.
Casper mayor Paul Meyer says the additional centrifuge will let wastewater treatment worke…

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