A California man was arrested Saturday for stealing a pickup, calling in a false report and possession of marijuana. Sweetwater County Sheriff's Detective Dick Blust said the distinctive sound of a vehicle moving over gravel prompted someone to notice his pickup was being stolen out of the Anadarko yard in Wamsutter.

Sweetwater County's Wamsutter Resident Deputy Derek Morrell spotted the stolen pickup and made the stop with backup from Wyoming Highway Patrol.

Stolen pickup quickly stopped:

"Driving the pickup was Richard Martin Arellano, 42, of Antioch, California. He told officers that his own vehicle had broken down at Love’s Truck Stop and he had “borrowed” the Dodge pickup to get it running again."

While being questioned, a report came over the radio about a chemical spill a the BP yard, and Arellano reportedly claimed credit for making the call.

Possible diversion to dispatch:

"While Arellano was being questioned, fire units from Carbon County and Wamsutter were radio-dispatched to a reported hazardous chemical spill at the Wamsutter BP yard. Arellano heard the transmission and said it was he who made the call, 'because he was concerned for the safety of the people at the BP yard because there were lots of chemicals in tanks and no one present at the yard.'"

Investigators say the call about the chemical spill may have been an attempt at diversion because there was no spill. When checking Arellano's vehicle, authorities discovered a small quantity of marijuana.

Back at the suspect's vehicle:

"When officers checked Arellano’s vehicle at Love’s Truck Stop, they found a small quantity of marijuana inside. Arellano said it belonged to his girlfriend. There were no license plates on the vehicle, nor were there any registration or ownership papers present. Arellano told officers they were at his home in California."

Detective Blust says Arellano is charged with grand larceny, false reporting and possession of a controlled substance, with an initial appearance in Rock Springs Circuit Court scheduled for today (Tuesday).