The 7th Annual Breaking the Silence Suicide Prevention Walk is slated to start at 4 PM  Saturday 9/17 at Crossroads Park. This walk is different than others in that no donations are taken, no route is planned, just an invitation to gather and walk as much or as little as you would like. Along the Platte River Parkway, you will find entertainment from a number of local performers and Jim Mcbride from Johnny J's will be feeding up to 300 walkers at the end of the walk. Natrona County Task Force for Suicide Prevention members Afton Jennings, from Mercer House, and Mady Schmidt, with the Youth Empowerment Council, joined us to talk about the event.

For more information contact Afton Jennings at 233-4263 and also keep in mind that the suicide survivor's support group meets at 1031 East 1st st. the 1st and 3rd thursdays of every month.