Metro Animal Shelter in Casper is having its Spring Fling Adopt-A-Thon this Saturday. Metro Director of Operations Rick Sulzen says they have plenty of pets looking for a home.

Hopeful companions awaiting:

"Have door prizes that we're going to be giving away all day long and serving refreshments all day so if you want to stop by and have a ... get some lunch or have a doughnut in the morning or piece of pizza in the afternoon, we're there."

And to help them find homes, the adoption fees are reduced 10 dollars for dogs and five dollars for cats.

Adoption fees reduced:

"You can get a dog for 40 dollars as far as the adoption fee goes. Cats will range anywhere from 30 down to 15 dollars. It depends on the age of the cat, it drops five dollars for every two years of age, so from zero to two will be about 30 dollars."

Another advantage is Metro is holding a microchip and vaccination clinic where people can bring in their pets and get an identifying microchip for 20 dollars, and lower cost vaccinations including distemper and bortatella.

Vaccinations without vet appointment:

"Going to have Dr. Johnson again, from Westside Animal Hospital up there again this year doing a low cost microchip/vaccination clinic, 20 dollars for the microchip, and you can get a rabies vaccination on your pet for 10 dollars."

Since they want both caregivers and pets to be happy, there are a few provisos for adoption. If you have pets, they need to be current on their shots, and if you rent, you'll need a note from the landlord saying it's okay.

Necessary paperwork:

"And you rent, we will need landlord approval from your landlord that says you have, or it's okay to adopt from us. Bring that with you. If you have any other pets, they will need to be licensed, current on their metro license and current on their rabies vaccination, but because we're doing this clinic, if you don't have it, we can do everything right then and there when you come up to adopt."

The Spring Fling Adopt-A-Thon runs from 9 am to 6 pm, at Metro Animal Shelter, 2392 E. Metro Rd.