A total of four snowmobiles got stuck in snow near the archery range on Casper mountain Sunday.

Sheriff's Lt Mark Sellers says it started with one snowmobiler unable to get out of the snow.  He went back to Beartrap meadow for help.  That rider and his help returned and in the process of trying to get the first machine out got a second machine stuck.

"They were able to enlist some more help. They went back on two more sno-mobiles to retrieve the two stuck sno-mobiles and ended up getting those two sno-mobiles stuck. So we ended up with a total of four sno-mobiles stuck."

At this point, Sellers says, the Sheriffs office got involved bringing along a Sno-cat to help out.

He says this time of year its easy for riders to get in trouble like this.

"Warm weather, snows starting to melt, it gets cold, it freezes.  The top might be kind of a frozen crusty layer that you can break through real easy when you get off of the groomed trails."

Sellers cautions riders to be careful and stay on groomed trails whenever possible.