Smokefree Natrona County says it will try to derail future attempts by Casper City Council to amend Casper’s current public indoor smoking ordinance.

Officials with the organization say they’ll try to sway council opinion on amending the ordinance by the time it reaches council for a second or third reading.

Smokefree Natrona County representative Anna Edwards says her organization was disturbed by council’s actions Tuesday night.

“Definitely frustrated by the council’s decision to do this,” Edwards said. “Particularly because there’s such broad-based support for the ordinance as it currently stands in the community.”

Edwards says Smokefree Natrona County is educating itself on the referendum process. She says the organization, however, prefers that future readings of the revised ordinance not pass.

“It’ll save not only time, but taxpayer money,” Edwards said.

The modified ordinance passed its first reading 5-4 Tuesday night. Council is expected to vote again on the altered ban during its May 21 regular meeting.