The Fremont County Sheriff’s Office says it has suspended a search for an aircraft alleged to have gone missing near Dubois.

Fremont County Sheriff’s Office Capt. Ryan Lee says multiple eyewitnesses spotted what appeared to be a struggling personal aircraft that vanished behind terrain south of Dubois on Sunday. Eyewitnesses say they observed the aircraft sputtering and emitting black exhaust prior to disappearing.

Lee says poor weather conditions factored into the decision to halt the search Wednesday.

"We do not have any reports of overdue or missing aircraft in the state of Wyoming," Lee said. "Given that information, and the fact that we're not receiving a signal, we're pretty confidant that we've looked in the immediate area and we have no reason to believe, at this point in time, that we have a crash."

Lee says, though searchers could not find an emergency locating signal, the Fremont County Sheriff’s Office will consider searching again if new reports of missing or overdue aircraft arise.

The search effort utilized Casper-based member of the Wyoming wing of the Civil Air Patrol.