Counselors will be available at Natrona County High School on Tuesday morning for those who may want to talk about a recent graduate, Ryan Moffat, who died early Sunday, a school district spokesman said.

"The counselors will be at NCHS tomorrow at 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., and they'll be located on the second floor in a room called the staff center," school district spokesman Kelly Eastes said Monday.

"I think he's still got a sibling that's still attending NCHS, which is one of the other  reasons we decided this is important," he said. "The family is still part of the school family."

Natrona County Sheriff's Office spokesman Sgt. Mike Steinberg said the accident on North Six Mile Road was reported at 5:30 a.m. Sunday.

"We don't know when the accident actually occurred, that's just when it was spotted and reported," Steinberg said. "It's kind of a rural area out there."

There, authorities found a Dodge truck and 22-year-old Moffat, Steinberg said.

The accident remains under investigation because the cause of the accident is still unknown, Steinberg said.

"It appears as though that speed was at least a contributing factor," he said. "But obviously we won' t know if there was anything else (such as alcohol or drugs) until lab results are done and back."

Eastes said this marked the second death of a district student this month. Tayler Mack, 15, died in a rollover accident at Black Beach at Alcova Reservoir on July 8.