A 56 year old Rock Springs man is facing charges of Attempted Murder in the First Degree and Battery Against a Household Member after allegedly trying to force his daughter out of a vehicle traveling 80 mph.

Sweetwater County Sheriff's Department spokesman Dick Blust says Ernest Eugene Richmond was giving his daughter, 24 year old Patricia Cathcart, a ride on Interstate 80 from Green River to Rock Springs  to do laundry on July 26.

According to charging documents, Richmond began complaining about a traffic citation he had received for which he blamed her. Richmond allegedly began screaming that he would kill her and "bash her___ face in". Investigators say that Richmond then grabbed his daughter and began trying to hit her face on the dashboard.

He then allegedly activated the pickups cruise control, setting it at 80 mph while trying to push Cathcart out the door.  Richmond reportedly began kicking Cathcart with both feet, and then kicked her in the face. Despite his efforts, Cathcart was not ejected from the pickup.

When Cathcart reported the incident, a Deputy Sheriff says he found numerous bruises and abrasions on Cathcart. Richmond was arrested and at last report was being held on $250,000 bond, awaiting a tentative August 6 preliminary hearing date.