Additional flows out of Grey Reef Reservoir should have been noticeable here in Casper this afternoon. Emergency Manager, Lt Stew Anderson, says a slight increase of about 200 cfs brings us to around 8300 Cubic Feet per second, but he cautions that the additional rain that fell last night will also make a difference.

"We're also seeing what the streams that come from the west, Powder River and Casper Creek, what those bring in today from the storms that we had yesterday. It just takes awhile for that water to gather and get into those creeks and make its way to the river."

Reinforcement and heightening of sandbags at the Mills Water Treatment Plant is complete and he says they delivered bags to north Casper.

"We did deliver some bags and sand down to the 1250 North Center Trailer Court. There are a couple of low areas that the water was encroaching on on the berm that goes around there. They just wanted to reinforce that a little bit so that the water doesn't come up."

Sand bag stations are still open and he says they'll be bringing in more sand to the west side station off of Wyoming Boulevard across from the Fairgrounds.