De-listing of gray wolves will likely come this fall bringing into effect a plan for three management zones across the state. Wyoming Game and Fish wildlife biologists reviewed proposed regulations at a public meeting Wednesday. Regulations vary depending on location. Areas of the northwest will be managed for Trophy Game with some allowance for wolf migration. In the majority of the state, including Natrona County, wolves will be managed as predators.

"They can be taken just like any other predator. Just like coyotes. Just like fox, but there will be no license requirements. There are no established seasons. They'll be designated as a predator in 3/4's of the state of Wyoming."

Biologist, Bob Trebelcock,  says the only requirement in the predatory zone will be to report any harvest of a wolf within 10 days.

The proposed regulations are available for comment through April 24th.

Approval is expected at the Game and Fish Commission meeting in Casper, April 25th and 26th.