The future of a Casper nonprofit business that helps the needy is in question.

Poverty Resistance, which is located in the 400 block of South Wolcott Street, was recently cited for six code violations, including building, electrical and fire.

Mark Harshman, Division Chief with the Casper Fire Department, says the business had been warned a number of times in the past about the violations.

He says a recent complaint received about the business allowing people to sleep overnight, is what prompted department investigators to issue the citations, because it's a change in use or occupancy from a merchantile business to a residential situation.

"The inherit risk goes up when you start having people sleep overnight in an establishment and there are code requirements that need to be adhered to in that situation and that just wasn't the case at Poverty Resistance. They were allowing people to sleep in a building that was not designed nor protected for that occupancy."

Other violations included electrical outlets dangling from wires with devices plugged in, no clear space around electrical panels and fire extinguisher maintenance.

A court date on the citations is set for later this month.