Officials with Natrona County Parks are assessing damage caused to park facilities by the Sheep Herder Hill Fire.

Dick O’Hearn, the assistant superintendent for Natrona County Parks, says Ponderosa Park was confirmed destroyed by the blaze.

It's a complete loss," O’Hearn said. "Footings and foundations are all that remain of the shelter and the restroom facility."

O’Hearn says, despite fire getting close to the facility, Crimson Dawn Park and the facility's museum were unscathed by the blaze.

The fire got close to the grave sites that are linked to the museum by a small trail, but the trail is unaffected - the museum and the buildings were unaffected by the fire," O’Hearn said.

O’Hearn says a timetable hasn’t been set to rebuild Ponderosa Park. For the time being, the park will stay closed and the road leading into the park will remain barricaded.