The Casper Police Department will be partnering with other agencies today and tomorrow to conduct a mobile precinct in North Casper on L Street between Kimball and Beech streets.

According to Sgt. Deahn  Amend with the Casper Police Department, the purpose of the mobile precinct is to have officers more visible and accessible to people in the neighborhood and also to address code enforcement and crime issues in that area.

Sgt. Amend says that the problems in that area include people walking while intoxicated, homeless citizens camping by the river, drug use in the public parks, auto burglaries, abandoned vehicles, graffiti, traffic violations and parking problems.

In the past 6 months, the Casper Police Department has received over 80 calls for disturbances in the area and over 40 calls for property damage and vandalism.

The Casper Police Department will be working with other groups such as Code Enforcement, County Health, Casper Fire Department and Metro Animal Control to patrol the area. Sgt. Amend also points out that officers will stationed at the mobile precinct all day where citizens are encouraged to stop by.

The Mobile Command Vehicle will be set up from noon today until noon on tomorrow.