The missing plane of a Douglas, Wyoming pilot and passenger has been found in the mountains of northern Utah.

A Cessna 210 carrying Douglas pilot and business owner, Daleray  Madewell and his passenger, Jennifer Sebesta of Glenrock, was located in the Wasatch mountains of Morgan County Utah, near the airport where they took off Thursday.

According to the Douglas Budget, the two were reportedly flying a mission for Wyoming Pilots for Christ.

The Budget report states Madewell was meeting Sebesta in Salt Lake City to bring her back to Douglas, but was forced to land short of Salt Lake due to bad weather.

They met then in Morgan County where the two left for Wyoming.

About 20 minutes after take off, around 2 p.m., Madewell radioed the tower, advising them he was turning back due to bad weather. Shortly thereafter, radar and airport personnel lost contact with the aircraft.

Search crews reached the wreckage on Friday morning and found no survivors.

Daleray Madewell leaves behind five children and long-time girlfriend, Denise Murphy.

Jennifer Sebesta, a Registered Nurse at Memorial Hospital of Converse County, leaves behind three children.