Partial fire restrictions across three eastern Wyoming counties on Bureau of Land Management lands will effect anyone wanting to get outdoors in this lovely late fall weather.

Restrictions on campfires, use of welding equipment and smoking are now in place for Converse, Platte and Goshen counties.

"Our statistics tell us that at this time of the year the primary cause of fires are human causes. Anything we can do to reduce those numbers is the reason why we put these restrictions in place."

Jay Esperance is fire management officer for the BLM High Plains District. He says the partial restrictions mean for campers, no campfires except within an agency provided fire grate at a developed campsite, no smoking outdoors with out first clearing at least three feet around you of all flammable materials and extra caution if your using a welding device on BLM lands.

"We've responded to a lot of fires this year that were caused by folks welding their fence or welding something and they even have in many occasions a fire extinguisher handy, or a hose handy, but these fires take off so quickly."

He says if you are going to weld you need to clear at least 10 feet around the area and have a chemical fire extinguisher that has a capacity of at least 8 ounces.

Chainsaws need spark arrestors and fire extinguishers as well.

Esperance says if you see smoke don't hesitate to call 911 and remember the idea is to be conscientious and take care.