Interested parents met with individuals affiliated with Casper Dual Immersion on Thursday to discuss concerns and ask questions about the possible implementation of an optional dual-language immersion curriculum in Natrona County public schools.

Officials say, if the program is given the green light by Natrona County School District officials, dual-language immersion students would spend half of their school day learning in either Spanish or Mandarin Chinese.

Thea True-Wells, a parent member of the Wyoming Dual-Language Immersion Steering Committee, says parents at Thursday’s meeting acknoledge the importance of having their child master a second language.

"The world is getting smaller," True-Wells said. "As parents, we are charged with giving our children the tools in their tool kit to make sure that they not just survive in their future, but thrive."

"The tool of a second language in incredibly valuable," True-Wells said.

Casper Dual Immersion officials are hoping the program will be implemented for elementary school students next school year.

True-Wells says additional meetings regarding the program and dual-immersion will be held over the next month. More information can be found at Casper Dual Immersion's blog.