Casper-Natrona County International Airport officials say regularly scheduled commercial passenger flights left the airport more full in October than in prior months last year.

Airport officials say, compared to October of 2011, the number of commercial passengers departing from CPR jumped by over 21 percent last month.

Airport manager Glenn Januska says the numbers indicate the airport is about as strong as it has ever been. He also says the numbers indicate a busy holiday season can be expected at CPR.

It’s probably a number of different factors that have been coming together that has resulted in this type of an increase, but, yeah, we’re doing really well,” Januska said. “As we get into the end of this month, we’re going to really have strong traffic.”

Januska says multiple airlines have noticed the increased traffic at the airport and have responed with increased flight frequency and new service.

Yeah, you can add seats relatively easy, but making sure you fill up the seats, you know, that’s the thing the airlines are certainly looking for, and that has happened.” Januska said. “As we’ve talked (with the airlines) about the demand, they’ve added the capacity and the passengers have responded.”

Januska says, compared to 2011 monthly figures, the airport has observed nine consecutive monthly passenger increases this year.