The Trails Center is scheduled to host an entertaining program about the rifles that won the West.

The Bureau of Land Management and the National Historic Trails Interpretive Center will present a program entitled, “Have Gun, Will Travel: Rifles of the Trails.”

From one to two in the afternoon on January twenty-ninth, presenter, Bob Edwards will display approximately twenty different rifles that were used along trails of migration and in frontier Wyoming.

"Bob Edwards has been here a few times at the Trails Center as a speaker. He's a dynamic speaker, he has a lot of energy and enthusiasm and he really knows Wyoming history well. And again, he's a gun expert, so I mean, he's going to talk about these guns, talk about their place here in Wyoming history, and talk about how they helped shape the West."

Alex Rose is an Interpreter for the Trails Center.

"And, I think the funnest part of the program is when he is going to talk about the quote, "Mythic gun that won the West". Some folks say it was the 1873 Winchester, others claim it was a Sharps buffalo rifle, some say it's a Springfield rifle, but he's going to present his new twists on this story."

Edwards is the former education curator and assistant director of the Jim Gatchell Memorial Museum in Buffalo, and author of Guns of the Gatchell.

The event is free and open to the public.