Four months until the fall elections and November's ballot may include a question to Natrona County voters asking for approval of a specific purpose one-cent tax to raise dollars for a new public library.

The Natrona County Library Board looked to a citizen-led task force for direction on the project. That direction included a preference for financing with a penny tax. The Natrona County Commission approved the ballot measure requesting the additional penny last week.

Library Board President, Randy Buffington, says now they're organizing an information campaign and political action committee, "and they'll be providing information on this project as well as door-to-door campaigning, yard signs and may even be involved in some of the presentations to some of the municipal groups we'll be meeting with."

The special purpose penny tax measure can't appear on the ballot without approval from four of the county's six municipalities.

Cost of the library project is estimated at $29.2 million dollars. Library and county officials predict the penny tax could raise that amount within two years at which point the tax would end.