Natrona County Planning and Zoning Commission heard applications for Conditional Use Collector Car permits Wednesday. The three applications were passed by the commission and represent the beginning of a process set in motion when Natrona County officials hammered out rules and regulations for collector vehicle storage last year.

Planning officials hope the process allows for hobbyists to continue vehicle storage while minimizing the impact on neighbors.

One of the applications came from new Planning and Zoning Commission Board Member George Tillman who hopes to create space for 40 cars on his property. Tillman abstained from the vote.

Speaking in opposition to two of the applications was Homa Hills resident, Carl Yeager, who calls the screening plans insufficient. "They can build a fence 50 foot high and it would still, because of where the junk is at, it's still gonna show."

County Planning Director, Gene Wallace, says there are about 20 permits currently under consideration. He says, some lack appropriate screening plans, others are held up by additional violations on the property. At the same time, Wallace says, there remain a number of county residents who refuse to even apply. He says those situations we'll also need to be addressed.

The three permits passed Wednesday, go before the Natrona County Commission Board for final approval next month.