Natrona County History will get another telling, this time for a younger audience. The Natrona County Public Library is partnering with local history detectives to put it together.

"We've been approached by some of the teachers in the school district, that there was a real need for a third grade local history book.  So, over the last couple of months we've been able to facilitate pulling together many of the local history advocates."

Library Director, Bill Nelson says they hope to make it about 60 pages, well illustrated, hard cover and ready by the end of the year.  Nelson says the project will fill state wide third grade curriculum requirements that call for a focus on local history.

"What I see is a real hands on sort of thing. A project where we have representatives from different aspects of the County's history coming together to make sure it's accurate and it's correct. The biggest challenge of this project will be to get it down to 60 pages with about 75 words a page."

He says that's typical for a third grade level text book.  Deciding whats most important for a third grader to know, he says, will be a tough call.

Nelson says he hopes the project, funded by the Library Foundation,  gets lots of visibility and serves a need within the school system.